The foundation promotes the total well being of children, youth, and adults and enables them to become productive persons and useful citizens.

We envision a future for children, youth, and adults to be self-sufficient and to contribute to the development of their local society.

Friends Of The VU Heritage Foundation is a public charitable non-profit institution founded to provide assistance and services to unfortunate people in the U.S. and in Vietnam through the following:

  • To support and prepare disadvantaged both children and the youth in need for success in life through education.

  • To provide partnership, financial support and advocacy for small grass roots organizations in Vietnam.

  • To provide funding for outreach and basic services to children, youth, and adults in need.

  • To participate in and contribute to the activities and programs of other non-profit organizations or persons pursuing similar purposes and mission which aim to improve the quality of life.

  • To organize volunteers and other individuals, especially those who live in the United States to work in an effort to help build a better society.

  • To associate with other charitable organizations in extending an effort to provide foods, clothes, dental care, physical exams, and eye surgeries to visually impaired people in Vietnam.