Services in the U.S.

We Help Those Less Fortunate

  • We provide individual counseling, marriage and family therapy and support group to our clients.

  • We provide physical, financial and emotional assistance to individuals and families who are in crisis.

  • We assist homeless patients with boarding care or nursing home placement.

  • We provide case management to families with minor children and refer them to community resources.

  • We assist individuals / families with basic needs to prevent hunger and homelessness.

  • We provide food and clothes to those who have been deprived of their basic need.

CFC Member # 52733

The meaning of life is not pleasure, as Sigmund Freud believed,
not power as Alfred Adler advocated,
nor riches and fame like D. Trump pursues
but are sowing the seeds of love and assist the less fortunate.

- H. Vu