Ngày 7/11/2014 trên trang nhất báo San Jose Mercury News, ký giả Eric Kurhi đã viết bài: Người dân lo ngại về việc phun thuốc rầy vượt quá mọi năm (West Nile's record season has residents concerned about foggings). Trong đó ông trích dẫn lời Russ Parman, Quản lý Vector Control  District, County of Santa Clara: “Chất hóa học được sử dụng trong việc phun thuốc rầy là pyrethroid …." Parman nói: "Trong 30 năm phun thuốc, vẫn chưa có một trường hợp nào ghi nhận đã làm hại ai….”

Nhận thấy lời biện hộ của Russ Parman không phản ảnh sự thực mà còn hướng dẫn sai lạc người dân nên ngày hôm sau, chúng tôi đã viết bài gởi San Jose Mercury News yêu cầu đăng trên mục Letter to the Editor:

Scientific facts reveal that the West Nile Virus is absolutely not a significant threat to human beings compared to the risk of pesticides. Out of the entire population of over 38 million people in the State of California in 2014, there was alleged 1 case of human infection with West Nile Virus in Glenn County last year. This elderly person was hospitalized but is now recovering. In other words, there is no death associated with West Nile Virus. These facts come from the official State of California website (

Vector Control District (VCD) is spraying pesticides on residents without an Environmental Impact Report. That is illegal! I presented VCD with a court order on May 22, 2014, from Santa Cruz County, as evidence that it is illegal for Santa Clara County to be spraying pesticides on the population.

So that I am writing today as a professional and resident very concerned about the West Nile Virus spraying. The message I'd like to response to Parman's statement is that it impacts the my health deeply. To the children and the elderly people, the West Nile Virus pesticides are chemically toxic. Together with pollutions from environment, they are heavy metals and will accumulate in the body, and we can not get rid of them. There are several scientific reports about spraying and they concluded that the fogging collected in our children to result in ADHD, and apoplexy; and in elderly people result in Parkinson, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Moreover, a recent University of California, Davis study linked use of pyrethroids in agricultural fields with increased incidence of autism in children whose mothers were exposed while pregnant.


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