The academic year has come. Among the students attending school, many have financial difficulty and are not able to afford their schooling. Friends Of The VU Heritage Foundation has selected and sponsored 298 students across the country who are willing to learn and strive for success.

They come from families with leprous (1)*, disabled (2)*, or single parents. Many students have special needs due to their visual impairment (3)*, physical disability, or minority (4)*.
The cash aid scholarship that we provided is just enough for them to purchase 2 sets of uniforms, hats, sandals, notebooks, tuition and educational related supplies. With our assistance, these kids are able to go to school rather than hanging around the streets with dust-of-life children and ending up in association with gangsters.

Our special thanks to Le Ha Tran, Kim Hương Vũ, Prof. Trần Đình Trị, Lisa Smith and
Dr. Robert Farnsworth for their contributions to make this event possible.

Below is the list of centers/villages that received scholarships for this school year:

We respect our clients and do not discriminate between them
on the basis of religion, region, and race

There are no administration costs. All donations go directly to the recipients


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