December 21, 2014

*   President Barrack Obama

*   Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Harry Reid and all U.S. Senators

*   Mr. John Boehner, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, and Members of House of Representatives

*   Presidents/Prime Ministers of Nations Providing Naval Force to Combat Piracy

*   Organizations Providing Means and Financial Aid in order to Control Piracy



Condemning the Chinese Marine Police and Coast Guard Which Have Tortured, Pirated, Robbed and even Murdered Unarmed Vietnamese Fishermen in Asian-Pacific Sea


Dear Sirs / Madams:


I would like to congratulate your efforts that have put several task forces together to reduce world piracy to a record low according to the International Maritime Bureau 2013 Annual Report. However I have a deep concern about a still on-going ferocious and cold-blooded piracy happening in another part of the ocean, the Asian-Pacific Sea that also needs your attention and intervention.


For over 20 years, the Vietnamese fishermen have been tortured, pirated and subjected to armed robbery by state workers of the Mainland Chinese government. The numbers of incidents, contrary to the rest of the world, have been increasing and the Vietnamese are experiencing more and more brutality and barbarism. Somali pirates seize vessels, capture the crews then request ransoms. However, the Chinese state employees, so-called Marine Police and Coast Guard, are worse. They brutally beat or even murder Vietnamese fishermen and ram their ships before sinking them. They rob seafood, fish detectors, GPSs, radios, and cell phones. They tow the ships to Hainan Island, then request ransoms even though these Vietnamese fishermen fish in the exclusive economic zone of the Vietnamese coast, the area of the sea they and their ancestors have been fishing or netting for several dozen centuries. With these ferocious and barbaric crimes, the Chinese government has violated Article 101 of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), and Armed Robbery defined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in its 26th Assembly session as Resolution A. 1025 (26) adopted on December 2, 2009.


Several surviving fishermen come back from the sea are still distraught and haunted by nightmares of cruel and torturous raids and have experienced not only physical pain, but also mental illnesses, including Post-Traumatic Symptom Disorder. Many fishermen have ended up bankrupt due to ransom money that their families have to borrow to pay to the Chinese state employees; up to 70,000 Yuan which is equivalent to 11,400 USD for each head count.


According to the International Committee of Commerce International Maritime Bureau has

reported that during a 3 year period, the world piracy (actual and attempted attacks) are down 40 percent (439 in 2011 to 264 incidents in 2013) while the piracy by Chinese Marine Police and Coast Guard went up 33% (9 to 12 incidents in the same time period). I would like to call my attention to all of you, especially the 19 nations and 14 organizations that are assisting in controlling the piracy. What is the difference between the world pirates and the Chinese state employees pirates? When will you step in to intervene to protect these unfortunate Vietnamese fishermen?


On behalf of these victims, Friends Of The VU Heritage condemns the Mainland Chinese Marine Police and Coast Guard in front of the United Nations and the world community for their barbaric piracy and armed robbery against unarmed Vietnamese fishermen. We request your organizations to put efforts to stop these crimes to protect these Vietnamese fishermen who can not defend themselves and to honestly making their livings in the Asian-Pacific Sea.


Your quick action is greatly appreciated.


I am looking forward to a reply.







Friends Of The VU Heritage Foundation

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. Politburo of the Central Committee Communist Party of Vietnam

. Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China

. Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister

. Vietnamese Ambassadors / Counselors in Foreign Countries

. Chinese Ambassadors / Counselors in Foreign Countries